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About Us

Tofu Yu LLC -  Our tofu chefs create delicious vegan and vegetarian foods for the San Francisco Bay Area. Find our fresh tofu at Andronico's, Whole Foods and many independent markets as well as many Farmer's Markets.

Tofu Yu In The News

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Vision Statement

  • To create tofu, vegan, and vegetarian foods in quality, innovative fashion

  • Help incorporate vegan, vegetarian, tofu, soy into all people’s healthy eating lifestyles

  • Be ethically responsible to the community and environment

  • Educate others about food for healthy living and the value of caring for our environment.

Photo: Tofu in Deli Case in Harbin, China

Tofu Yu Beliefs

    • We take pride in striving for excellence, valuing nutrition, and producing fresh tofu.

    • We will always fully and clearly label the ingredients used to make each of our Tofu Yu creations.

    • We believe in “growing greener” by progressively building upon awareness and constructing a better method of lessoning our impacts on the environment.

    • We honor our relationships by treating our employees, customers, suppliers, and community with fairness, respect, and integrity.

    Photo: Homemade Tofu

    Who We Are

    Kevin E. Stong, Owner

    Having owned and managed a medium size architectural/interiors firm Stong & Associates, Architects since 1987, Kevin brings his commercial restaurant and retail business experience to Tofu Yu LLC. Established 2007. Kevin has prepared permit documents for many small restaurant food outlets including Little Caesars, Popeyes, Quiznos, and large department stores including Macys, Mervyn’s of California, and Ross Stores.

    Kevin brings his experience with satisfying permit requirements with the proper documentation necessary for Health, Planning and Building Departments. Kevin also brings his 30 years of retail experience in developing Tofu Yu LLC’ s new image and company’s design and structure.

    He Hua Yu (Helen Baldwin), Investor/Operations Manager

    He Hua Yu started tofu food production companies in Harbin China including Guang Lai Foods, 1984  - 26 employees, Ping Fang Foods, 1991- 36 employees and Do Wai Foods, 1996 – 28 employees. She sold her companies in 1996 in preparation of relocating to the United States. At the time she sold her companies she also had 24 delivery persons delivering tofu food products daily to 48 large grocery stores and 27 large restaurants.

    He Hua brings her expertise to Tofu Yu LLC in creating various special tofu food items and her management skills with personnel management, food preparation and multiple food
    distribution outlets.

    Photo: Festive Homemade Tofu Dishes

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