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The tofu dishes listed below are made daily in our Berkeley kitchen from the finest ingredients possible for local San Francisco Bay Area restaurants, farmers' markets, delicatessens, grocery stores and cafes.

Plain Tofu Available in Firm, Medium, Silken, Diced, Flat, Skin, Stinky Firm

Plain Tofu Pasta

Chipotle Firm Tofu

Curry Firm Tofu

Five Spice Firm Tofu/ Five Spice Tofu Pasta

Garlic Pepper Firm Tofu

Pesto Firm Tofu/ Pesto Tofu Pasta

Teriyaki Firm Tofu

Smoked Five Spice

Smoked Hickory Firm Tofu

Smoked Jalapeno Firm Tofu

Smoked Jasmine Tea Firm Tofu

Spicy Coconut Strips

Spicy Lemon Strips

Spicy Veggie Wraps

Curry Veggie Wraps

Pesto Veggie Wraps

Red Quinoa Salad

Teriyaki Burgers

Toveggie Balls

Turkey Flavored Veggie Loaf

Teriyaki Chicken Flavored Tofu

BBQ Beef Flavored Tofu

BBQ Chicken Flavored Tofu

Chicken Flavored Tofu Nuggets

Red Quinoa Sushi

Teriyaki Sushi

Go to a list of markets and local farmer's markets where our tofu foods are available to the public.

Photos of our packaged tofu creations available in markets.

TofuYu creates delicious, ready-to-eat international tofu food dishes for the San Francisco Bay Area.

Nutritional Labels for Tofu Yu food items:


Firm Tofu
Garlic and Black Pepper
Smoked Hickory Tofu
Toveggie Balls 2 oz.
Teriyaki Tofu Burger
Quinoa Salad
Tofu Veggie Wrap  

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